Hello friends, Earth is our first home, and without earth, there is no life. Today Essay for Students has come up with an essay on Autobiography of an Earth. So let us start with the essay.

Essay on autobiography of the earth

Autobiography of Earth.

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you must be fine and happy. You must be thinking who am I. People call me by different names, but I am a planet and you know me by the name of Earth.

In our solar system, there are many planets like me. But I am the only planet where you can survive because only my atmosphere is favorable for you to live, without my atmosphere no living being can survive. And because of this reason many people worship me. And some call me their mother, I have not given them birth but have taken everyone's care as a mother.

Without forgetting I rotate around the sun because of which you experience day and night. I am almost round in shape and 70% of my body is been covered by seawater and 30% has occupied by land were you live but I have 100% life on me. I don't only give you space to live but also protect you from the harmful radiation of the sun.

I do so much for you but you don't even care about me. If you continue this type of behavior with me then it is sure that you will destroy me. But without me, you also cannot survive.

You have started deforestation on such a large scale that soon there will be no trees left over me. Everywhere you have created your concrete jungles because of which I can not get the rainwater. Not only that you have created so much pollution that it has become difficult for me to breathe in this air.

On one side You call me mother earth and worship me and on the other side, you treat me so badly. You dump all of you remains in the water, my ears have started paining by the noise you create. Day by day my condition is getting worst.

If you treat your earth like these then it is sure that I will die but what about you my children?. Where will you go? because without me it is imposable for you to live. I just want only one thing form you that is don't just unnecessarily create pollution and cut trees all around. This is what I can say.

The End.

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