The farmer is a benefactor for us, he is the one because of whom we get food to eat. Today we have bought an essay on the Autobiography of a farmer who is an Indian farmer in the form of an essay.

Autobiography of a farmer

Autobiography of a Farmer.

Our school holidays had begun so we had decided to go to our village to spend this holiday. We rarely goto to our village as my father does a job here in the city. Formerly my grandfather used to do farming and our village mostly has farmers as farming is the main occupation here.

When we reached our village, I went out was just walking around after some time I sat under a tree where a farmer was sitting and was looking at his farm. I asked him about himself and the farming then he started telling.

Myself Tukaram this whole farm is mine, our family is totally dependent on farming. Not only me but the whole of our village is almost dependent on farming everyone here is a farmer. And farming is the main occupation of our village. Now farming isn't difficult like before, during my time I and my father used to work very hard but nowadays new technology is introduced everyday which makes farming a lot easier than before.

Nowadays we don't have to work hard like before now farming has become very advance. All the traditional tools have been replaced by the new one. The plow is replaced with the tractor which completes the work very fast and accurately. And we also get good support form the government.

Farmers get a good quality of seeds and fertilizers from the government. Before here there was no facility for water irrigation but now water pumps are fitted our here which helps us a lot. Time to time samples of soil are taken and accordingly, the government guides us to plant different crops to gain maximum profit.

In villages, there are farmers organizations because of which we get the right amount of price for the crop. Every three months these organizations conduct programs regarding farming by which we come to know about new technologies and methods in modern farming. We get a lot of advantages through these programs.

We farmers do farming as well as we have some cattle by which we get a side source of income. By having cattle we get the double advantage, we get income for dairy products and eggs as well as get natural fertilizers from this animal which is very useful for quality farming.

Farming isn't now like the old days it has been changed a lot, that is my big home which I have build by doing farming. My children are getting education in reputed colleges. Now farming has become a big business and just like doing this business as a farmer and with the help of government, I do excellent farming.

This information Tukaram gave me about farming. And by listening to his autobiography I am now interested in farming.

The End.

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