Hello friends, we travel a lot form our vehicle but traveling by train gives a different joy. Today we have come up with an hour on the railway station essay. In this, I have told the scene at the railway station in the form of an essay.

an hour of scene at the railway station

An hour at the Railway Station.

Our school holidays had begun, so our family had decided to go somewhere for a picnic to enjoy these holidays. My father did a ticket reservation, and I was eagerly waiting for the picnic. And finally, that day arrived and we left towards the railway station. When we reached the railway station we came to know that train is late almost for an hour!, now I had to spend an hour at the railway station.

I sat on the bench at the railway platform and started observing the scene at the railway station by moving my eyes here and there. Every corner of the railway station was full of crowds. Outside the station, there were many auto-rickshaw and taxi by which people were reaching the railway station some people were running so that they can get on time for there train don't get miss.

Railway trains are very strict with there time once arrived, trains don't even wait for a second for anyone until there is an emergency. I think that is the reason because of which there as so big clocks hanging all around.

There was a long queue at the ticket counter, I had never seen such a big queue elsewhere. Some people were at the ATM-like machine I asked my father what is that it was a digital ticket to avoid the queue. After getting tickets people watch the time and platform number were trains will arrive and then did movements accordingly.

Suddenly there was an announcement at the platform where I was sitting, it said: "Stay away from the platform corner a train is arriving". And within a minute train arrived, some people got out of the train even before the train stopped and some people got into the running train I was amazed watching this scene at the railway station. So many people got out of the train and many got into the train again. The train was so much packed that one can barely stand-in, some passengers were just hanging on the door, which was so dangerous.

When I moved my eyes, I saw a TC who was checking tickets of peoples who traveled by train, they had stopped some people there. There were railway police who were keeping a watch, the station had CCTV cameras all around for security purposes. The small shops on the platform had so many customers watching that I was amazed. There were some people dressed in the same uniform they were coolie who lifted weights of the people, they knew when and where the train will arrive.

Then finally there was an announcement about our train arriving. I stood up and went near my father to get into the train. My father told me the seat number where we had to sit. The train arrived and I somehow entered into the train and sat on my seat. Our journey of the train started and I completed an hour on the railway station looking at the scene of the railway station, I got a different experience there.

The End.

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