Hello friends, it is the dream of every kid to become a soldier and join the Indian army, but this dream doest get true for many of them. Today we have come with an essay on soldier, in which we are going to share an autobiography of a soldier who has visited our school.

Autobiography of a Soldier.

I was reading a newspaper and came across news where our defense minister visited one of the army camps to encourage our soldiers. That time soldiers told the defense minister that they are just waiting for the orders, they are ready to defeat their enemies. Reading this news I was feeling very proud and was getting attracted to the Indian Army, to become their part one day.

And what a coincidence the next day some of our soldiers visited our school. All students got gathered around these soldiers. And started questioning them about the army with a lot of excitement. And seeing us so much interested in the army the soldiers also started answering all of our questions. We asked one of them about, How the life of a soldier is, then he started to tell about himself.

I am a soldier of the Maratha Regiment. In our army, there are three main divisions which include the Indian Air force, Indian Army, and the Indian Navy. I belong to the Indian Naval Force. In naval force, there are different batches by which we are categorized. These batches have unique names and numbers by which we are identified. Caste and of what religion we belong to has no importance for us. We all are Indian this is what we know.

From an early age, I have attracted to wars and fight which our heroes fought like Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj, and Baji Prabhu. I had completed my SSC and at that time China had attacked India. India was in need of soldiers and during this recruitment I had joined Our Indian Army. My dream of becoming a hero was half completed and then cheery on the cake I got the chance to go on the battlefield.

After this war, I once again got a chance to get into a war with Pakistan. During the war, we soldiers are so excited that we don't even think of eating food or drinking water.

In normal days our routine is fixed our day starts with the morning exercise. The army is very strict with its rule and regulations. One has to be in discipline. Every work must be done by ourselves and have to stay away from our home. We cannot meet our family every day. If there is no war or any emergency then we get a holiday of 15 days in a year in which we can return home and stay with our family.

We take care of our country and citizens without carrying about whether it is day or night, hot or cold. We work for you 24 by 7. You must never forget the work which a soldier does for us and you must always respect them.

Jay Hind.

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