Hello friends, today we have come with the essay on superstitions. In this essay, we have discussed some of the popular superstitions in India and have told why and how does this superstition believes spread all around. So let us start with the essay.

English essay on superstitions


Today's era is the most advance, this sentence we have heard many times. Today's world knows what is science is working behind everything. Anything which happens has a scientific reason behind it this is what we are taught this in school.

But in morning whenever I read a newspaper there is at least one news on things that happened due to superstition believes. Due to these superstitions believes every day many people losses there lives. Whenever there is news on television on these superstitions topic there are mostly educated people who get trapped in this superstition activity. I don't know why it so!.

But whenever I see news on superstitions and when the video footage of Baba's who perform this activity are shown I just can't stop laughing watching at there act. They take kumkum and put it all around, and hit with the broom and keep shouting while performing some funny actions. Watching this I laugh so much that it starts paining in my stomach.

Our grandparents and parents always teach us good things, but I don't know why these superstitions believes starts for our own home. Like some popular superstitions in India are, taking down "Najar" or tying a lemon and chills outside the house or on the vehicles, If a cat crosses the rod do not directly cross the road, If a crow shouts on top of the home then someone will visit our home and etc... These popular superstitions believes we still follow even when we know they are not true.

I have heard a story, there was one village in India where a wedding ceremony was going on. There were many people who came to attend this wedding. Were there was weeding that house owner had a cat as there pet animal. When the Brahman was performing rituals cat was moving and disturbing him in his work.

Just because that cat can cause a problem as it was moving around, so the Brahman told to tie the cat in one place. As a result, rumors started spreading that in a weeding a cat must be tied. This is how the superstitions got spread.

Some simple naive people get in the trap of this superstition's believes. And then Baba's and Fakirs take advantage for these people. And then these naive people are looted in the name of superstitions.

Everything in these world in not fake nor everything we see is true. So it is important to believe in the right thing and stay away from the superstitions believes, and we should not allow anyone to spread these superstitions.

The End.

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