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Essay on Winter season in English language

Winter Season.

Winter season is also known as the season of cold, or the season of cold weather. The season begins form the month of December which continues for the four months till the month of March, in which the festival of Holi is celebrated.

In the winter season, there is no intense heat for the sun, and the environment is very pleasant with cold air flowing throughout the day. In this season of cold weather, people get rid of sweat. And people don't feel much tired even after working for long hours.

As the winter season starts and day passes the cold weather starts increasing day by day in such condition I always feel lazy to get up early in the morning and there is always feeling to sleep for some more time. But what can we do we have to wake up for going to school.

I and my friends live in the village and on Sundays, we get up early morning for a walk in this winter season. In the morning we just enjoy walking because the weather is very pleasant, fog spreads everywhere. Sometimes the fog is so much that we can't even see what is in front of us. In such conditions, while walking it feels like we are walking on the cloud in the sky. The happiness for going for a walk in this cold weather is at a different level.

Even when there is sun on the top there is no intense heat in the environment the the weather is pleasant in such condition it feels good going out. In the winter season, there are lots of changes that happen to the environment, trees start shedding their leaves and get their new leaves. Fallen leaves near trees give beautiful look to the tress. Everywhere there is greenery and it feels like there are beautiful gardens all around us.

As it is cold we go to school wearing sweaters, and in winter season there is a joy going to school as everyone plays with the steam of cold form the mouth. When the intensity of cold increases taking two-three blankets and sleeping in a different experience.

When there is cold I and my village friends create a small bonfire at night after having dinner and seat around it singing songs and have fun.

In this season of cold weather, the environment is very pleasant and I enjoy this winter season a lot hence the winter season is my favorite Season.


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