Hello friends, having wings and becoming a Bird is one of the dreams which everyone has in there life. If I were a bird in these imaginary essay we have discussed what I will do if I will become a bird. So let's start these essay.

If I were a bird English essay

If I were a Bird.

Yesterday our school had organized an educational trip, for which we had to do a long-distance journey. Due to this journey, I had become very tired and was bored and I was feeling sleepy, while going to sleep a thought just came to my mind that what if I were a bird.

The movement when the thought of becoming a bird came to my mind I started to imagine how much fun it will be if I get wings and I will be a bird.

Sometime later when I saw my hands they were turned into beautiful long wings that were colored like a peacock's feather. When I opened these wings I got a feeling of becoming a bird and I was excited to fly like a bird.

I swung my wings and took a small leap, I enjoyed a lot doing so. And I was very excited now and was just thinking what shall I do now and where shall I go now.

Whenever I used to look in the sky, I used to think about how must be the clouds. I always had a feeling to walk on those clouds, but it was not possible for me at that time but now I have wings I have became a bird now. I can go to the sky and sit on clouds at any time I want to.

The second thought that came to my mind is that from childhood we are watching the rainbow, how beautiful it looks. I always wished if I can touch that rainbow and slide on it. Wow! how much fun it will be.

There are so many advantages of becoming a bird isn't. Whenever we have to go outside our home for any reason we have to take permission from our parents. And even if they gave us permission we have to face the crowd which is very boring. But being a bird we don't need permission to got out nor we have to face this crowd outside. Traveling will be fun if we are a bird.

If we are hungry then it takes so much time to cook the food and even for making the food ready we have to do the work. But being a bird I don't have to work for making the food nor have to wait for it just go to the tree and take the fruit and eat it. Even if I want to sleep I can sleep on any tree and no one will disturb me while sleeping.

After being a bird I will do this and that, go around the seven seas and will have lots of fun, but being a bird will I only enjoy life, will there be no problems? these thoughts came to my mind.

So I started thinking, now I have become a bird but we humans are destroying trees were will I stay. Wherever I can see there is a jungle of concrete created by humans. If there are no trees how can I survive? Today all the atmosphere is been polluted then how can I breathe in the air. Being a bird how difficult is to survive.

I was just imagining and sound came "Get up you will get late for the school" and I woke up from the sleep and saw my beautiful wings were disappeared. Then I just gave up with the thought If I were a bird.

The End.

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