Everyone wants to be beautiful and attractive and get everyone's attention like a butterfly. I like butterflies very much and today I have come up with an essay on If I were a Butterfly. So let us start with the essay.

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If I were a Butterfly.

I and my sister had visited a garden close to our house recently. My sister likes to click photos so she was busy clicking pictures in the garden. The garden was beautiful it was filled with colorful flowers but I was not interested and was getting bored.

When we returned back to our home my sister started showing photos clicked by her in the garden to our family members. She had clicked a photograph of a beautiful butterfly. Looking at the photo everyone was talking about the beauty of that butterfly, at that time a thought came to my mind what if I were a butterfly, and I started to imagine what will happen if I became a butterfly.

When I will become a butterfly I will get so colorful and beautiful wings. Watching the integrated design of mine wings people will always talk about my beauty and appreciate me. Photographers like my sister will always be behind me to take my beautiful and attractive photos.

If I were a butterfly then I would fly from one place to another and there will be no one who will stop me. I will require no permission to go out of the house and the most important thing I will not have to face any traffic problems.

As a student, I have to study so much, after finishing school I have to go to the tuition, and once I return back home I have to finish with both the homework. I don't even get time to play. But if I were a butterfly then there will be no need to study, and there is no question left about school and tuition. And I will able to play for the whole day flying from one flower to another flower.

How great it will be being a butterfly, if we are hungry we can eat whatever we want. I want to sleep we can sleep anywhere without any disturbance. If I were a butterfly than life would be so beautiful isn't it?.

The End.

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