Who likes to give exams, it is very boring and stressful for students for appearing for exams. So how better it will be if there are no exams. Today we have come with an imaginary essay on if there were no exams. So let us start the essay.

If there were no exams essay in english

If there were no Exams.

We students enjoy our life we get up and finish our morning work and go to school. After school, we just play the whole day around and sleep late at night watching TV. We are enjoying these routine but suddenly time comes when the exam appears.

During regular school classes, suddenly notice form the principal appears like a lightning storm. From this date to these date examinations of our school will begin so students are advised to study thoroughly and secure good marks in the upcoming exams. I just hate these exams but what can I do now I have to face them.

After we receive examination notice from the principal our whole day routine gets changed drastically. The exam date starts dancing in front of the eyes. Then I start paying attention to the lectures in the class. Every subject starts coming in front of my eyes.

Complicated Mathematical questions, triangle, and squares form the Geometry, various gases from Science and dates which I cannot rememberer form the History books and the English grammar. This difficult task we have to study to get pass in the exam. Then we friends start exchanging notes and in plying time we just keep on studying and keep searching for the answers.

We have to study early in the morning until its time to go to school. After school, we return home and again start studying. I stop watching TV and study until late at night. During the examination, students are very stressed and finally, the day appears when we appear for the exam. I am so tensed that sometimes I just forget some basic things to carry for my examination.

In my mind, I just abuse this examination and think about how good it would be if there are no exams. Everybody must get passed directly to the next class. But who will listen to us exams will be there for our rest of life. We have to keep studying for the late-night sacrifice our playing time as without examination there is no school.

The End.

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