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This is essay on My Mother in English language and in this image mother is show caring her chil in hand

My Mother.

Whenever there is some problem in our life, the first thought which comes to our mind is My Mother can help me out of this problem. Because every time mother is the person who always helps us in every problem of our life. And this is the main reason because of which everyone loves their mother so much, like me.

My Mother's name is Amita Anish Patil. If I have to say about my mother then definitely words would not be enough to talk about her but I will try to tell you about my mother Amita in short. Mother is called by different names like Mom, Maam ma, Ma, Aaai, etc, I call my mother by name of Ma (Hindi word for Mother).

I remember when I was a small kid and had just begun to go to school, at that time like all the kids I use to hate going to school and use to cry for not going to school. When I use to cry for not going to school my Father always scold me but my mother use to make me understand how important it is to go to school and because of her love toward me I use to go to the school without crying as my mother used to come with me to drop me to the school.

Mother's affection toward his family never diminishes she always thinks for the betterment of her family. Whenever there is any kind of problem in the family mother always keeps her comfort away and keeps her family happy she never thinks for herself such affection mother has towards her family.

It may be school studies or some other problem in life mother is always there to help us. If we get a fever then it is the mother who doesn't sleep the whole night and serves us so that we get well soon. Mother is the person who will starve but will always feed her children.

Mother is the never-ending sea of love and affection. Mother is the person who has groom our life what we see. She always looks at the betterment and bright future of her children. Mothers cannot be compared to anyone in this world.

For me my mother is everything, she is God for me. In this world, the only thing towards which I have love and affection is my mother. The mother's affection towards her children cannot be compared with any other thing. I love my mother very much.


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