On 26 January people in India are very excited as Republic day is celebrated all over India. On the eve of this Republic day of India, we have come up with an essay on Republic day. So let's get started with the essay.

Indian flag essay on Rebpublic day

26 January Republic Day.

Every year 26 January is celebrated as Republic day of India. Republic day is also known as "Gantantra diwas" in the Hindi language. On this day people of India are very excited and they celebrate Republic day with happily with national pride.

Before independence our country India was ruled by the British government, we Indians were under the rule of the British. At that time there were many revolts taken against the British government for making India an independent nation and on 15 August 1947 India became an independent nation.

On 26 January 1950 after independence in our country new laws and rules were applied which made us totally free form British rule and our country people started ruling our nation. British rule ended and our nation became free form British so 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day of India.

Every year Republic day is celebrated with excitement and a lot of happiness all over the country. On this day small events are organized in every school, everywhere flag is hosted with pride and the national anthem is sang. A big event is organized at Red Fort located in Delhi.

On the eve of 26 January Republic Day, the event on Red Fort of Delhi is Live telecast on television. lost of people attend this event. Our Indian Army does various acts to display the power of the nation. Indian Air Force pilots make our flag in the sky with the smoke of the jet planes. Various stunts, dance, and acts are performed which displays Indian culture and power of the nation. To watch this event people from all over the world come to Delhi at the Red Fort.

On Republic day we students go to school as a small event is organized, we go in a clean white dress, which shows respect for our country. The flag is hosted in school we give a salute to the flag while singing our national anthem. There are dance performance, speeches which shows patriotism. In the end, we make a promise to the country that we will work for the welfare of our country.

On this auspicious day, we put batches of our India flag on our shirts to show respect towards our nation. And feel proud that we are citizens of such a great nation. And with pride and honor, we celebrate our Republic day.

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