The computer has become a part of our life, today a computer is used in every field. Because of the computer doing daily tasks has become easier and error-free. But the computer has some advantages and disadvantages. Today we have come up with an essay on computers in which we have given information about computers.

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The computer has become an important part of our life. In every field, computers are used to carry out work smoothly. The world's first computer was used by "Charles Babbage" in the year 1946, he is the inventor of the computer. Charles Babbage is also called as the Father of computers.

When computers were invented they were very large in size, they were so big that it would take a whole room to fit the computer in it, and they were quite costly, so everyone couldn't afford it. But with time technology got updated and the size of computers became smaller and smaller and they got better and advance and much cheaper. Today computers are used in every field as they make tasks easier.

With the help of the computer, one can do any task quickly and the work done by the computer is very accurate. This is the reason because of which computer has made its place in every field. And now the computer has become a very important part of our life.

The computer has made human life very easier, but making use of computers has its own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how we make use of the computer because the computer doesn't know the difference between the good and bad, it just carries out the task given it.

Using a computer students can get information about any subject in just a fraction of seconds by just sitting in one place. Today computers have become so small and compact that one can carry them anywhere and can easily work from any place in the world according to their time. Today a very large amount of the data can be stored very securely in very little space in the computer in a very organized manner which has made offices free from a large number of files which required a very large space and were very difficult to organize. Any information stored on a computer can be accessed in just a few clicks. Today getting a ticket or paying bills or generating receipts has become so much easier this just becomes possible because of the computers. These are some of the advantages of the computer.

There are lots of advantages of using computers but there are some disadvantages too. Using computers our daily tasks have become easier but it is making humans lazier and we have started to get depend on these computers. Today everything is becoming automated with the use of computers because of which many people are losing their jobs. Students waste their whole day by just playing video games. People with bad intension can steal very important data from computers which can become a very serious problem. Spending a lot of time on the computer screens can cause problems for human eyes and many face problems of back pain because of sitting in one place for hours and hours.

A computer is no dought a very useful thing for humans as it has many advantages but we shall not forget that computers also have some disadvantages which can be a serious problem. So it totally depends on us how we make use of the computer.

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