Most people's favorite pet animal is a Dog as dogs are very loyal to their owners and they guard houses. Today we have come up with an essay on my favorite pet animal Dog.

German shepard dog image used for english essay on my pet dog

My favorite animal Dog | My pet Dog.

The dog is a very loving animal. There no pet animal as loyal as the pet dog. The dog always protects its owner and guard house. If some unknown person enters our premises dog starts barking and alerts the owner about it, this is one of the main reason because of which people like dogs as their pet animals.

Dogs are my favorite animal, I have affection towards the dogs and I know very much about them. I also own a pet dog he is of German Shepherd breed. I call my pet dog by the name of the prince he is a very beautiful looking dog but he is also dangerous, looking at him no one dares to come near him.

My dog prince is with me when he was a very small puppy. I like dogs very much so my Dad had given me this dog as a gift on my birthday. Now the prince is my favorite gift. My dog prince is now of four years and he is not just an animal, he is now a part of our family.

Prince is loved by everyone, I have a very strong bond with him. Prince listen to my every command if I ask him to "stand" he will stand and if I ordered him to "sit" he will sit immediately. If I tell him "go attack" then he starts barking and running towards the target, and when he hears "stop" form me he stops the attack.

If I tell my pet dog prince to shake hand he sits remove his tongue and gives his hand on my hand. My dog is a well-trained dog and he is very friendly if you don't do anything to him. He is very beautiful dog and has long hair he looks like a lion who walks with pride.

My pet dog prince is a very clever dog his ears are always standing upright and he is alert all the time even while sleeping. If someone unknown enters our premises he starts barking and alerts us that someone is here. His ability to smell things is on the next level, he identifies things only by its smell.

When we play cricket and if the cricket ball gets lost then, the prince finds it. If someday we go out of our house, then he waits for us until we reach back home and starts jumping once we are back. My Grandmother use to love the prince very much when my grandma died all our family was crying. Prince was braking and in his bark, there was a feeling of pain. His eyes were full of tears he knew grandma is no more and he was very said about it.

Our whole family loves our pet dog prince and he is a part of our family. A dog is very clever and a loyal animal so many people keep dogs as there pet dog. The dog is my favorite animal and I love my pet dog very much.

The End.

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