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German shepard dog image used for english essay on my pet dog

My Pet Dog.

A pet is not just an animal who lives with us, they are integral part of our lives they are our true companion and source of happiness. For me my favourite pet animal is Dog. Dog is the most loyal and loving animal one can have. They are the most people favourite pet.

I have affection towards dogs since my childhood. I am very much interested in dogs and I know very much about them. My pet dog is of a breed called as German Shepherd and I have named him as Prince. Prince is very good looking dog and dangerous as well, looking at him no one dares to come near him.

My pet dog Prince is very friendly dog he is not violent until someone willingly makes him angary or enter our premises with bad intensions. Prince is very huge looking and muscular dog who is always ready to guard and protect our family.

My pet dog is with me since he was a small five month puppy, my dad had bought him on my birthday as he knew my affection towards dogs. This gift is my favourite gift I would ever get in my life. Prince now have become an adult and is four year old now. He is not just an animal but a part of our family.

Prince is a very obedient dog he listens to each command given by me. He sits, stand, roll and even shakes hand if I told him to do so. He always remains in my control if he is barking or chasing on my command of stop he would stop barking and return to me.

Prince is a very clever pet his ears are always standing upright and is alert all the time even while he is sleeping. If someone enters our premises he immediately starts barking and alerts us about intrusion. His ability to smell is incredible he can identify things accurately by smelling from long distance.

I go for walk in park regularly with my dog. He walks with pride and with his long hair he look like a lion. People appreciate beauty of my pet. I play with him in park, he love to catch the ball and bring it back to me. He always makes me feel happy.

My pet is part of my family and every one loves him, he is my best friend too. He understands emotions, and makes us happy when we are stressed. When my Grand Mother died Prince had become very sad and was caring for many days, like us he also felt bad for my Grand Mother.

Dogs are the most loyal animals, they guard our houses, they provide us the emotional support and make us always happy and joyful whenever we are in stress. They understand our feelings they are our true companion. For me dogs are my favourite pet animal, and every one must have a dog as their pet animal.

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