Pollution is the biggest problem the world is facing today. There no such thing left that is pollution-free. Air, Water, and land everything has been polluted because of which different diseases get spread which directly causes harm to all living beings. Today we have come up with an essay on pollution. So let's start with the essay.

Essay on Pollution


We have heard many times form our parents and grandparents that today's environment is not as healthier as it use to be before in their time, also the taste of food has been changed drastically. Humans who use to live life for 100 years without any disease, can now only survive for 80 years and in his life, he suffers from various kinds of diseases. You must have taught why is it so? There is only one monster behind it and it is pollution in our environment.

Pollution is the biggest problem which the entire world is facing today and it has become almost impossible to put an end to this pollution problem now. Air, Water, land, and every other thing on this planet has been polluted and the culprit behind this pollution are we humans.

We humans, clean our houses but throw our garbage and waste outside, we don't even care what will that garbage cause to nature. The garbage gets rots in the open air which starts polluting the air creating Air pollution, not only that but different bacteria Starts growing on it which then creates a problem for us by spreading diseases.

Water bodies which are present around like rivers and pond are often polluted by humans. They bath in this water, washcloths, put trash, take animals directly into the water these all activities cause water pollution. And many people from the villages use this water for drinking and fall prey to diseases.

In cities, big industries release poisons gases on large scale directly into the atmosphere causing Air pollution and also the liquid remains are let into the waters bodies which causes Water pollution and affects aquatic animals and put their lives in danger.

Long vehicle traffic on roads, loudspeakers, and DJ's in parties contribute towards the noise pollution on the large scale.

Pollution has become so much big and serious problem, that because of it, new diseases are spreading every day. People are suffering from it, they can not see clearly as their eyes are affected, they have a problem with earing and problem in breathing. People are suffering from various types of cancers. Pollution has affected every single thing on this planet. Even the environment, because of which we see unconditional rain, very hot temperatures, etc.

It is true that now we can not completely destroy this monster called pollution from our environment, but we can definitely reduce its effects. For this, we have to plan more and more trees and must produce the least amount of waste possible. If we do so then only we can leave a healthy and long life. So let's stop this pollution form spreading now.

The End.

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