Hello friends, if there was no rain is so strange imagination isn't it?. Today Essay For Students has come up with an essay on what if there was no rain, in this essay we have discussed what will happen and how it will affect us if there is no rain.

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If there was no Rain.

It was raining very heavily and I was getting ready for school. Like daily in our home news channel was played on TV and that time I came to know that due to heavy rains water has been filled everywhere and there is a flood-like situation because of which all the schools have declared holiday due to rains.

As the school declared a holiday I was very happy. But later I saw the news which showed the destruction caused by the rain. The rain had caused massive destruction of life and property I was just shocked watching that new, at that time a thought came to my mind what if there was no rain!.

If there is no rain then there will be no problems. There will be no floods and no property will be destroyed. People will live happily without rain but....!.

If there is no rain then from where will we get water?. Without rainwater, the water from the ponds and rivers will get empty and the aquatic animals will get extinct. Not only that every living being will die without water.

Around us, we can see the greenery, which trees spread and they give us fresh air to breathe and healthy food to eat, but if there is no rain then all the trees will get dry and they will start dying. All the beautiful environment which we see will be turned into the desert and it will look like endless land made up of sand.

If rain doesn't shower on earth then we will never get the fragrance of the soil nor we will be able to get wet in the first rain. We children cannot enjoy it without this rain.

Without rain, we cannot do farming and cultivate food on earth, and the end result is we will not get food to eat. Without rain, life is not possible.

It is true that rain causes loss of life and property but we humans are also responsible for it. Because as we have created the concert jungles water doesn't get the place to sweep into the ground, and in cities, water has no place to flow out which results in floods and causes destruction. If there is rain there is life.

The End.

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