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Essay on Baba Amte a Social worker

Baba Amte

Murlidhar Devidas Amte was born in the Wardha district of Maharashtra State in a place called Hinganghat on 26 December 1914. His father was working with the British government and he was in a good position. Baba Amte had everything he wanted as their family was very rich. From childhood, his father called him by the name of Baba so he was later called Baba Amte.

Baba Amte was the most elder son of Devidas Amte, so he owned very large land and was a very rich person. When baba Amte was os just 14 years he had his own gun. When he became 18 years old he owned a beautiful luxury sports car. Baba Amte was rich but he did not like the discrimination with the poor people.

Baba Amte completed LLB and became an advocate and he was practicing in the Wardha district. In 1942 he joined the movement to make India an independent country. He participated in many movements he was very active in the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Baba Amte had spent some time in Sevagram where he was very much influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts. Baba Amte was against the British government and he was not afraid of anybody so Mahatma Gandhi had given him the title of "Abhayasadhak" which means fearless aspirant.

Baba Amte knew about the discrimination in society between rich and poor people, to help the poor and needy people baba Amte started doing social works. He was always ready to help the needy and poor people and some people didn't like this so they started criticizing Baba Amte and spread rumors that Baba Amte was a fraud but baba didn't get affected by this. He builds a place called "Anandvan" to help people.

At that time poor people who are differently-abled and who were suffering from diseases like Leprosy were not given a place in society and were treated very badly. Baba Amte gave support to these people and gave them a place to live in Anandvan and he lived there with them.

Baba Amte sacrificed his luxury life and devoted his whole life to the needy and the poor people, he was a saint of modern times. Baba Amte got full support from his family in this work and with his wife Dr. Manda they started a hospital in Anandvan especially for the treatment of the people who were suffering from the Leprosy.

Baba Amte was a true social worker who was awarded Padma Shri in 1974 for this social work.

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