Hello friends, recently our school had organized an educational trip to a zoo. The zoo which we had visited was full of various animals and we learned many new things there. And so, today we have bought an essay on a visit to a zoo.

Tiger in a zoo used for an essay on visit to a zoo

Visit to a Zoo.

Every year our school organizes a school trip for school students so that once a year students can enjoy and explore the new places and gain some knowledge. This year our school had decided to visit a zoo. We students were very excited to watch the animals in the zoo.

Then finally the day arrived when we left for the zoo visit. We were traveling by bus for a zoo visit every student on the bus was very excited, as like me everyone was going to see the real life animals for the first time. Everyone was only talking about the animals on the bus.

Our bus reached our destination and every student got lined up in a disciplined manner. At that place, there was a guide, who was going to give us information about the animals in the zoo. Before entering the zoo he told us about the rules and regulations of the zoo and warned us no one will feed any animal nor one should try to harm or put a hand in the cage of animals. After giving guidance we started our visit to the zoo.

At the very entrance of the zoo beautiful sculptures of animals were made which were inspired by the Mogli cartoon which had a cave and a boy surrounded by the animals on top of that it was written welcome to the zoo. Watching this figure we even got more excited to watch animals in the zoo.

Inside there were many big cages in which there was plenty of space for the animal to move around in a zoo similar environment like a forest was created. Animals in zoo had plenty of water and food to eat. Guide told us that there are doctors present in zoo who always take care of animals.

We saw some monkeys which were jumping from one tree to the other it was fun looking at them. There were many different kinds of monkeys present there among them the monkey species known as Langur was very beautiful. We also saw a Gorilla who was very huge and was looking scary but he was not aggressive as shown in the movies. On another side, a Giraffe with his long neck was eating leaves on the tree. Near the pond, there were many dears who were drinking water they were very alert as they came to know about us they ran away very fast.

We saw lots of animals in the zoo, but everyone was there to view the Lion and Tiger. They were sleeping inside the cages they didn't even care about us, they were full of pride. We saw a huge Rino looking at his size and muscles I thought he can easily break that cage and come out any time. In a pond, there was a Hippopotamus he was looking like a buffalo in the water, but when he opened his mouth we were shocked it was very scary and dangerous. I saw the big tooth elephants they were very big in size and were very calm.

At the very end, there was a huge Aquarium in which there were different varieties of aquatic animals. There were many varieties of Tortoise present there. In this zoo visit, we saw lots of animals and learn many new things about them. We completed our zoo visit with excitement and returned back with lots of memories of a visit to the zoo.

The End.

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