Hello friends, If I won a lottery in this imaginary essay I have told what I will do if I win lottery money. So let's start with the essay.

If I win a lottery

If I win a Lottery.

One of my friend had purchased a very costly mobile phone he showed me that phone I liked that phone very much. I also want to buy the same mobile phone but it was so costly that I couldn't afford it.

The next day I came to the bus stand for going to school and was waiting for a bus at that time I saw a lottery shop nearby where many people were buying those lottery tickets. On the shop, there was a big advertisement board for one core lottery.

When I saw that advertisement board a thought came to my mind that what if I won a lottery!. With that one core rupees, I can do whatever I want, I can complete all of my wishes and I can buy a more costly phone than my friend.

I was very excited about the lottery ticket even though I hadn't purchased the lottery ticket. I was just thinking of winning of lottery by watching the advertisement. Then I thought If I won a lottery then I can full fill of my wishes but, the lottery is one type of gambling isn't it? and is it ok to be dependent on the lottery money?.

We think that lottery is a game of luck, but actually, the lottery is a type of gambling because for wining one lottery so many people spend their money and only one of them wins the lottery money others lose their money. And if one gets the lottery then the person gets addicted to it and spends his money again and again to win the lottery which he doesn't win.

When these thoughts came to my mind I understood that the lottery is a game of gambling, not luck. I decided instead of thinking about what I will do I win a lottery! I will study and work hard to complete all of my dreams. And then I firmly decided I don't need this lottery and dropped the thought of what if I won a lottery.

The End.

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