Hello friends, today I have come up with an essay on a visit to a village fair. In this essay, I have described my visit to a village fair and I have told the fun I did in this village fair. So let's start with the essay.

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A visit to a Fair.

I live in the city and I am always waiting for the school holidays because whenever there are school holidays I run toward my village. I like village life very much.

During summer vacations every year there is a fair in our village. In our village, there is a beautiful old temple of Goddess Mahalaxmi. And there is a lot of empty space near the temple in this place the village fair is held. I visit this fair every year as I enjoy visiting the fair with my friends.

Before the fair begins the temple and its surrounding area are cleaned and decorated. Village families who are living in cities start returning back to the village to enjoy the fair. In the temple surrounding various rids like Ferris Wheel and roller coaster are arranged. People set every kind of shop in the fair from food to toys everything is available in the village fair. People are very excited and after worshiping Goddess Mahalaxmi the fair starts. The village fair at night time looks very beautiful as one can see colorful lighting everywhere.

Many people come to our village to visit this fair. There is a crowd in the fair till late at night. People are very excited about the fair, and they enjoy it a lot. My friends and I visit the fair at night time as there is a different experience of the fair at night time, as everything looks wonderful at night time. We enjoy sitting in different rids. I like to sit on the Ferris Wheel, my friend is very afraid of height but still, we make him sit with us, he holds the handle tightly and keeps his eyes closed. From the top of the wheel one can see a complete view of the village it looks very beautiful.

After enjoying the rids we play different games I like the shooting game very much, the one who burst the maximum ballon is rewarded with a prize. Similarly, there is a ring game, in which one has to throw a ring on an object and if the ring fits in the object properly then that thing is given as a prize to you.

At our village fair, there is every kind of shop like gaming, clothing, food, etc. There are some shops which attract people by showing their skills and magic tricks. After enjoying and having a lot of fun at the fair we friends eat ice cream at the end and return back home with the sweet memories of the fair and wait for the next year.

The End.

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