School is an important part of our life and we live with so many sweet memories of our school life. Today we have come up with an essay on My School in which I have information about my school. So let's start the essay.

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My School.

My school name is St. Mary's High school. My school is situated in Kolhapur and it is a very famous school. Our school building is huge and has three floors which have classes from playgroup to 10th standard and each class is divided into four divisions. My school also has a big Auditorium, Library, Laboratory, and a big playground for students to enjoy every sport.

Our school uniform is fixed and every student follows that uniform. On Friday my school has a different uniform as school organizes a C.P.T period where we are called do the basic exercise which keeps us fit and fresh. My school teachers are very helpful and they complete all of our studies in the school itself so that we don't have need of extra tuition.

On the second floor of my school, there is a big Library where every kind of book is available from educational books to storybooks. Once a week every class has a Library period in which we read the books, it is very silent there. There is also a Laboratory full of equipment were teachers teaches us different science experiments, I like those experiments very much.

In every academic year, the school organizes sports events for school students and helps students who are very good at the sport by providing them Sports scholarships, as well as school, organize various competition so that students talent can get recognized. My school also conducts educational trips so that students can enjoy as well as gain some new knowledge and explore new places.

My school has the best teaching staff as they make us ready for the exam from the beginning itself by conducting weekly school tests. As a result of these every year when the 10th standard S.S.C result is declared our school name is always on the top. Not only in studies but our school students are also very good at sports. My school cricket team has played at the national level of school cricket tournaments this year.

My school doesn't only teach to learn form book but also they help every student in developing a good personality, as a result, every student of our school is well disciplined and has good manners.

Like this is my school, and I am proud of my school very much. Even in holidays, I feel like going to school. I like my school very much.

The End.

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