Hello friends, today I have come up with an essay on my country India. In this essay, I have told about my country, and have also I have told why I love my country so much.

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My Country - India.

India is my country and I am an Indian citizen. My country India is also known by the name "Bharat" and "Hindusthan". India has an ancient history and it is world-famous.

The geography of my country is such that in the north direction there is sky rocking Himalayan mountain range and other sides of the country are surrounded by oceans, as three sides of my country are surrounded by oceans it is also called aa peninsular country. In my country, there are rivers flowing throughout the year like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, etc.

My country India is been divided into 28 states and in each state people of different caste and religion live together. Every religion people in this country live without any discrimination happily and work in a harmony. Farming is the main occupation in the country and in cities like Mumbai and Delhi big industries operate.

India is known for its diversity and culture, the forts, and one of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal is world-famous and many people all around the world visit my country India to view it. As there are people of all religions in India many festivals are celebrated in the country all year round, for experiencing these festivals many tourists visit India. Also, there are many world-famous personalities who live in India.

In my country even if people living are of different religions they all are Indians and we are proud of it. My country has an ancient history and we are proud of it. I like the diversity of my country India and I love my country very much and India is more valuable to me than my life.

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