Today I have come up with an essay on cat. As like you, I too love cat's as my pet animal, and cats are my favorite. So in this essay, I have given information about my pet cat and have told why a cat is my favorite animal.

Image of a beautiful cat used for english essay on cat

Essay on Cat.

Whenever I see a cat I feel very happy. When I see a cat nearby me I rush to her and pick her and start pampering her. The hair on the cat's body are always in beautiful colors and they are clean and very soft I like them very much.

Cat has a very beautiful eye with those eyes she can easily view things clearly even in a dark environment. Like eyes her ears are always standing and are always alert, a cat can detect the very finest movement just by her ears. The cat can smell things correctly with its nose, she knows about things just by smelling them without actually looking at them.

The body of the cat is small in size but it is very beautiful and I like its color very much. Cats always like to be clean, so they always keep their body clean, with the help of their tongue. The nails of every cat are very dangerous and if a cat gets angry then no one can get out of her claw strength.

I have a cat as my pet animal and her name is 'Mani'. She a very beautiful cat. Everyone in our house loves her and pampers her. Because of Mani, not a single mouse enters our home, and If a mouse enters in then Mani doesn't spare him.

My cat Mani can jump very high very easily and see can walk in high places without any fear. And she always walks in pride. These similar qualities are seen in Tigers so cats are said to be ancestors of them.

Because of all of these qualities I like my pet cat Mani very much. And so cats are my favorite animal.

The End.

Friends, do you have a cat as your pet animal and what is her name? and what quality of cat do you like the most do tell us in the comment below.

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