Friends, around us there are many flowers and each of the flowers have special qualities, for those qualities we love a flower. And one such flower which I love is the Rose flower.

So friends, today we have come up with an essay on a rose flower who is the king of all flowers and have given information about it.

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Essay on Rose.

I have seen many beautiful flowers in the flower garden, and among those beautiful flowers, my favorite flower is the rose flower. I like the rose flower the most because of its beauty and its qualities.

Rose flower comes in different colors like red, yellow, blue, and white. Rose is a very attractive flower and it spreads very beautiful fragrance around it, I like it's smell very much. The rose petals are arranged in a very beautiful complicated pattern which makes this flower more attractive.

The flower of rose comes on the rose plant which is small in size, and this plant is full of thorns. Because of its small size rose plant can be planted anywhere as it doesn't require much space. And the most important thing about the rose plant is that it gets flowers all year round. When rose blossom on the rose plant it looks very beautiful and takes everyone's attention toward it.

There is no dought about the beauty of the rose plant and it is mainly known for it, but it also has many medicinal uses. In many Ayurvedic medicines use of rose is made. If there is an eye infection or dryness in the eyes then the rose water is applied to cure it. Like this, there are many other uses of rose.

Rose bouquets are used as a greeting on many occasions. Rose flower is also used to prepare drinks that taste amazing. Because of the beauty of the rose, it is often described by poets and writers as its beauty grabs their attention.

Rose flower has many benefits, it is a multipurpose flower. And because of its qualities and uses rose flower is called the "King of the Flowers". And because of these qualities, I like the rose flower the most and it is my favorite flower.

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