Hello, friends today I have come up with an essay on the bus stand. In this essay I have given information about an hour I spend on a bus stand, and have shared my experience at a bus stand.

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An hour at a bus Stand.

Summer vacation has just begun and we had made a plan to visit a resort. And for reaching our destination we had to do our journey by bus, so I reached a bus stand nearby I had no experience of traveling by bus, so I arrived an hour early on a bus stand.

When I reached the bus station I was just amazed by seeing the scene of the bus stand there was a huge crowd, and the first thought that came to my mind was it won't be easy to travel by bus. With so much crowd many people were also having their a good amount of luggage with them.

As I have arrived early I had nothing to do but observe the scene of the bus stand till the next hour passes. On one side of the bus stand, there were some people, who were wearing similar kind of white clothes looking at them, I felt like they were going to some religious place. And suddenly there was an announcement of bus arrival, as soon as the bus arrived the people got on the bus. I took relief as the crowd got reduced, but I was wrong more and more people keep coming to the bus stand and it was always full of people.

At the corner of the bus stand, there was a small office section from which the entire bus station was managed. In that office people were in similar uniforms, some were resting after a long journey as they were bus drivers. If any passenger had any dought related to the buses one can do any inquiry here and office staff would help them happily.

There was a loudspeaker placed on the bus stand where announcements were made regarding the upcoming buses which will arrive or leave the station. Bus number and the bus placement were been told over these speakers and people use to make their movement accordingly.

Near the bus station, there were many shops, after getting tired in the journey many people use to prefer doing a breakfast over those shops. There were also some books shops and newspapers were sold all around, as many prefer reading it during the journey.

On the bus stand, there was a special bus arranged for the school-going students, this bus was very overcrowded and as soon as the announcement was made, the conductor of the bus rang the bell and the bus left the bus stand.

While observing this thing I didn't even realize how an hour passed and within the time my bus had arrived. I sat on the correct bus and the crowd on the stand was still the same. The one hour I spent on the bus stand had given me a different kind of experience which I would never forget in my entire life.

The End.

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