Hello friends, today we have come up with an essay on My House which is a dream of every person in the world. In this essay, we have given information about my home and have told why I love my house so much.

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My House.

The name of my house is "Matru Chaya", it is a two storey house. My house has three rooms, one kitchen and has a small terrace. We are a small family of five people living in our home myself my father, mother, and two sisters.

My house is small in size but it's a very happy place to live. Our family always spend quality time in our house as it is the place where we live together happily and because of this I always like to spend my time in my house as it is very pleasant here.

On the second floor of my house, there is my private room, where there is my study table where I do my studies. With the study table, there is a bookshelf in which I store my books.

My house has very big windows in every room because of which there is a continuous flow of air which keeps our house well ventilated and maintains temperature even during summers. On our house terrace, we fly kites, it's a lot of fun doing so. In our home, there is always welcome of guest and friends which keeps our house a full and happy place.

In front of our house, there is a small garden, in which there is a cool shade of trees. During the examination period, I with my friends do our study in this garden. Studying in the garden for examination is a very different experience.

Like this is our small and happy house. And I always like to spend my time in my house and I love my house very much.

The End.

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