Hello, friends today social media has become an important part of our life, different people use social media in a different manner to full fill their needs. Today in this era of social media I have come with an essay on social media as it has a great impact on us and I have told about its advantages and disadvantages, so let's start with the essay.

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Essay on Social Media.

In today's world, everyone is busy with their own work, no one has time for others like before. One can hardly adjust their time with their friends and family, in this hectic world. So to solve this problem and get relief from your everyday work there exist a medium of connecting to the world from sitting at your place. This gift is Social Media.

Social media is a network connecting people through the Internet. Social media comprises different platforms where one can connect with people who are sitting in other corner of the world. One expresses his views, communicates, or displays his talent to the audience on social media. Social media comprises many platforms which are used as per need, some popular platforms of social media are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more.

Social media is changing our way of living. As you can get everything you want in just one place. Surely social media is a gift to our society and it holds great powers, but as it is said great power brings great responsibilities. This social media is becoming a part of our daily needs and it has its advantages and disadvantages. Looking at its pros and cons one can decide whether social media is a gift or a curse to our society.

Many people say that social media is definitely a gift to our society as there are many advantages of using social media. People from any part of the world can connect with you within seconds of time as there is an option of video calling which gives you feeling like you are speaking face to face. One can make new friends according to their similar interests with just one click. Social media gives you the facility to showcase your talent to the whole world, and if you are liked by the audience you can become a star overnight, there are many who have achieved success through social media.

Using the power of social media our Government can run awareness campaigns, which can easily accessible by everyone at any time. Similarly, it helps many businesses to reach the customers of their interest. Students can get benefited from this social media a lot as one can share the educational related tasks and it will be easily available, which will help students to clear their concept and will help them to learn more about the subject.

There are limitless opportunities that social media provides us, but there are many people who think that social media is a curse to our society. Social media have lots of disadvantages these cons can actually prove that social media is a real threat to our society. As it is possible to connect with any person from any corner of the world virtually, people are now not shoring interest to actually meet them. There are many parents who just meet their children online who are at work in different countries these virtual calling can not full fill their feelings. A lonely person who tends to find a friend on social media can be cheated very easily as there are many fake IDs used by evil-minded people.

There are lots of social media users who try to showcase their talent to the world, but as there is no much control over social media they have to suffer from bullying, and no matter how talented you are you will always have to face criticisms. Your one action can turn you into meme material, which can put you into the ultimate depression, as there are many examples who have suffered through this. Spreading fake news and rumors is very easy on social media it can create panic situations among the masses. There are countless problems that can be caused by the use of social media. One major problem which nearly every parent is facing is that students spend there a lot of time on this social platform, and they tend to do anything to get famous and they are ignoring their studies and are spoiling their future.

Every coin has two sides so there are advantages and disadvantages of social media. Social media is like a weapon that can be used for a good cause but if used carelessly it can destroy you. This era is of social media now it is our call to decide whether we use social media as a gift or a curse.

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