Hello friends, people possess different types of hobbies, and this essay is all about my favorite hobby i.e collecting coins. I have written this essay in short giving all information about my hobby, so let's get started with this essay.

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My Hobby - Collecting Coins.

Our planet has a lot of population and each person has a different mindset and each one has the right to do things they love to do. With regular work people often do something to avoid their boredom, this something can literally be anything from singing, dancing, painting, playing games, collecting a variety of things, reading books, etc... These things which you love to do are ones hobbies. A hobby varies from person to person, hobby is everyone's best pastime.

I know many people who possess different kinds of hobbies and unlike them, I too have one favorite thing I love to do always, it's my hobby of collecting different and unique currencies, especially coins. I have a hobby of collecting coins from my childhood and it will remain with me forever.

When I was just a kid my grandmother gave me some money to have some chocolates, as a kid, I ran into a nearby shop and got some chocolates after buying the shopkeeper gave back me the change in which I found a unique looking coin, I just kept it with me. From that day onwards I started collecting such coins which were unique. As I grew my coin collection increased, unknowingly collecting coins had become my hobby as I loved collecting them.

Before I didn't had any idea about the coins I was collecting, I didn't know what were those coins meant for. Collecting coins had become my hobby just because I loved those unique-looking coins. As I was in love with my hobby I use to always keep asking my family members to check their coins and give me unique ones. Even today every family member gives me coins if they found any.

Now I have learned many things about coins and know very much about them, I have learned to look at smaller details and know the meaning. Like a very small mark indicated the mint, a mint is a place where that coin has been manufactured. Coins carry history with them, they have imprints of occasions that happened with dates mentioned on them.

Many people are just crazy about this hobby they spent huge sums of money to add rare coins to their personal collection. A One Rupee coin from the British rule was recently sold for Ten Core Rupees in an auction. In my collection, I too hold some rare and costly coins but I don't wish to sell my coins at any price.

I love my hobby so much that instead of spending my money on some worthless things I prefer to add value to my collection, My collection is increasing and there is no end to it. Whenever I get bored I just go through coins in my collection as each one has a memory with it, they always make me feel happy. For me, collecting coins is the best hobby one can retain and it's my favorite hobby.

The End.

Friends, what kind of hobby do you follow? And what is the special thing about your hobby do tell us in the comment section below.

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