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Elephant image with its kid in forest

Essay on Elephants.

Earth has many living creatures, with each having some distinct characteristics of its own, and one such creature is the Elephant. Elephant is the biggest living mammal on the land, and it is herbivorous by nature. Its body structure is very gigantic, they can be up to 20ft long and 10ft tall and weigh around 4000 kilos. Elephants have a very thick skin, a large head structure with a huge trunk and two long size teeth called as tusks.

Elephants trunk plays very important role as with this trunk they drink water, grab the food, they can store water into the trunk and use it like a spray to clean themselves. The trunk of elephants is protected between the two big extended tusks. Tusk helps to strip barks of wood, dig holes to get water during droughts and to protect themselves and sometimes to lift the branches of trees. As trees and shrubs are the main food of elephants thick skin saves them from thorns, and also maintain the temperature and prevent them during cold.

There are three species of Elephants African Savana, African Forest and Asian. These species can be easily identified from there difference in physical structure like their ears and trunk. A baby elephant when born can weight up to 110 kg at times of birth, and they can start walking within 1 hour from the time of birth.

An adult Elephant spends almost 12 to 16 hours in a day eating shrubs, leaves, branches and tree bark and fruits, they can eat as much as 140 kg of food daily. Elephants travel and live in heard, and they communicate with each other by creating different sounds through their trunks, and also they communicate through vibration which they can feel from their bones.

The Elephants tusk are actually their extended teeth and an elephant can be either left or right toothed, they use their left or right teeth and that's the reason always their one tooth is short due to extensive use. In Asian elephants only the male has tusks. An elephants' life span is about 50 to 65 years and their tuck keep growing in length for lifetime as they regularly get damaged and are regrown.

Valuable artifacts are made of ivory of elephant tusk they are very expensive are always in demand. Due to high value of those tusk large quantity of elephants are killed, due to which there population is decreasing rapidly.

As a big mammal elephants food requirement are very high, and to fulfill they keep on traveling and keep changing their space in search of food and many times they come in conflict with humans as they tend to destroy their fields in search of food.

Elephant is really a cool tempered animal unless someone tries to harm or poke them, they are very intelligent and never forget things. But now as there is scarcity of food and forest space they end up in human territory and have to lose there lives and many times they are intentionally killed for their tusk. Strong steps must be taken to prevent them, and we shall help them in all possible ways.

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