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Essay on Internet.

Internet is a global network of computers that are connected with each other with capability to share information in form of data form one source to another. Internet has no limits it has revolutionized the entire world, with its unimaginable capabilities. Whatever information you may need if you have an active internet connection you can get it on internet in just matter few seconds.

The Internet is free to use, one just needs a device to run the internet and an active internet connectivity which is quite affordable and accessible to everyone. Internet has lots of uses, right from keeping people around the world connected to helping business to operated for one location to every corner of the world that to in matter of clicks.

In our country India maximum population makes use of internet in there daily life. write for good morning message to good night message on Whatsapp is done using internet. Watching movies playing games and every information needed is now available at the tip of the fingers. Internet has many advantages.

Internet can benefit students in there education in a way that they have no need speeding hours in searching for right book in the library, on internet students can easily accesses thousand of ebooks, pdf available for free form which they can gain any knowledge they need. Now it is just because of internet that many video platforms have emerged where students can easily get distanced education sitting at there place.

People have been connected with social media, one can make or find friend in other part of the world sitting at home. Internet based social platform provides many features which help in distance communication. Many aged people you feel lonely and can't get out use Internet to get connected to their loved once. Internet has taken communication to the level which no one had ever imagined.

Not just this but Internet helps business to grow world wide from being static at one location. Using internet based website or mobile application one can expand business world wide, and many are doing so. Internet has brought shop to your distance of click. Everything one can image is available on Internet.

With countless advantages of internet there are some disadvantages of internet too. Students can get information so much easily on internet that they are getting away form a good habit of reading books. Online education could be good but there is no source of authenticity as any one can start teaching online without any qualifications.

Internet has connected people with social media but not people are avoiding the physical meet and greet and prefer virtual onces. On internet there are many scam which are carried out and innocent people get trapped into it as many are not aware of frauds. There are many scams carried out in online shopping were people get instantaneously robbed to cyber criminals who do not have any face, and it becomes very difficult to trace them back.

Every coins has two sides similarly internet has it pros and cons. Internet is a blessing, it has every information one needs and solution to many problems. It is up to the user how to take advantage of internet in a positive way.

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