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Essay on Solar Energy.

During ancient times there was no external source of power and our planet was solely dependent on sunlight i.e solar energy as a source of natural light to carry out their daily work. No work could be carried out in the dark nights.

But as our race evolved we invented external sources which can emit light and hence it become possible to work even in the dark. Earlier lamps were lit by using animal fat oil latter we started using lamps which lit using petroleum products like kerosene.

Everything changed with the invention of electricity as a source of power, using electricity nights become as bright as day. And availability of electricity made us so dependent that now we could not imagine life without it, even a small power cut makes us uneasy.

For producing the electricity we are dependent on coal as source of energy which is a now-renewable source of energy. This sources of energy is depleting at faster rates and and will be completely finished, another drawback of this power source is that it cause lots of pollution contributing to Global Warming which directly effects our life.

Solution to this problem is the Solar energy. Solar energy is renewable form of energy, emitted by sun. Solar energy is available to everyone in abundant and there is no need to damage our mother earth in order to harvest it unlike mining of coal.

In order to make use of solar energy, the sun light needs to be converted into electrical energy this is done by use of solar panel which are now affordable and readily available to everyone.

Coal based power pant required lots of water and good terrain in order to produce and transfer the electricity. In solar a barren terrain can be used to generate electricity with no waste of water and zero pollution. Smaller power plants of solar energy can be easily setup in remote rural areas, this reduced the cost of infrastructure to transfer electricity.

Solar energy is not just about electricity but it can also be used to cooke food i.e without the use of LPG. Solar cooking utensils can be used to cook food using solar energy.

Solar water heater are used for heating the water for home use doing so it also prevent water from getting stagnant. And using solar energy to do so there is no pollution to environment.

Solar Pumps are bringing revolution in farming, as water can be harvested from wells using solar energy free of cost. Now barren farmland with no traditional electrical infrastructure can make use of electricity using solar pumps.

There are lots of advantages of solar energy but there are some drawback. Solar energy can is available in abundant but only during day time. It is not possible to generate electricity at night using solar panel. Also the weather effect the solar energy generation.

Although batteries can be used to store energy for nights, but they are too costly. Solar panel are effective but their is lack of awareness among people.

Overall, solar energy is emerging source of energy which has bright and promising future for our energy sustainability. It has number of advantages with its non-polluting nature with few drawbacks which will be for sure doomed with future developments. Now there is just the need of awareness among people to adopt the solar energy.

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