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Essay on Solar System.

There are numerous Planetary Systems that exist in our galaxy. One such planetary system where we live is termed our Solar System. Our Solar system consists of a group of Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Comets and many other small objects.

Sun is the largest star termed a yellow dwarf star, it is located at the centre of our Solar System and holds a maximum amount of mass. Sun provides light and heat energy to our entire planetary system.

Our planetary system has been divided into the inner planet and the outer planet by the Asteroids Belt and at the end there is the Kuiper Belt which contains the dwarf planets.

The inner planets are also known as terrestrial or rocky planets including Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The size of the inner planets is smaller compared to the outer planets.

Mercury is the first planet that is closest to Sun and the smallest among all the planets in our Solar system. Mercury has a heavily cratered surface. Venus is the second planet and is referred to as Earth's sister planet due to its similarities to Earth.

Third is the Planet Earth, it is the only planet known to support lives. It has an atmosphere and an abundance of liquid water with favourable living conditions. Mars is the fourth planet and is often called a red planet due to its colour caused by heavy oxide deposits on its surfaces. Recently it has been discovered that there is water on Mars and polar ice at the poles.

These four inner planets are separated from the outer planets by means of an Asteroid band which contains very large amounts of rocky bodies. Beyond this band lies the outer planets.

The outer planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These planets have a similar atmosphere they are made of gases and ice and each planet system of multiple moons.

Jupiter is the largest planet followed by Saturn and Uranus this planet have a set of planet rings. Neptune is the farthest it is blue in colour due to the presence of Methane gas.

Our Solar system ends with the Kuiper Belt, which is the region that has many icy bodies and dwarf planets that include planets like Pluto. The icy bodies that orbit around and come closer to the sun release heat, gas and dust creating a glowing coma known as tails they are called Comets.

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