After suffering from cold weather in the winter season spring season arrives to give us relief from the cold. The environment in the spring season is very pleasant. Today we have come up with an essay on the spring season in the English language in which we have given information about the Spring season.

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Spring Season.

In the winter season, people suffer very much because of the cold weather, the cold increases day by day at gets beyond the limit. In such a condition, people start thinking when will the sun arrive and we will get rid of this winter. And then arises the spring season which gives people relief from the cold weather of the winter season.

Spring season is a favorite season of most of the people as during this season there is no cold nor there are high temperatures, unlike summers. The environment during the spring season is very pleasant and soft winds are flowing throughout the day. As many people like the spring season and the environment are very pleasant this season is also called the king of seasons.

In this pleasant season, there are many changes that take place in our environment. In the winter season trees start Shedding leaves and gain new ones in the spring, new flowers start to blossom in gardens which spreads its fragrance in the environment.

Fruits like Mango and Orange start growing. My mother prepares mongo pickles during this season as raw mangos are easily available. Birds and animals are also very happy in this weather the Koyal bird does ku...ku.. and the Peacock dances in the forest.

The wheat crop gets ready to harvest in this spring season, so farmers are very happy in this season and they always eagerly wait for spring season to arrive. In some of the regions of India, the arrival of the spring season is celebrated as a festival by the farmers.

In the pleasant weather of the spring season, the festival of colors Holi is celebrated with a lot of happiness all over India. This festival gives us the message that there is definitely happiness after suffering.

As the environment is very pleasant in the spring season and we get delicious fruits like mango this is the reason because of which I like the spring season and it is my favorite season.

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  • My favorite season - Spring.

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