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Autobiography of a Book.

I like reading books and I have a very large collection of books in different categories. I keep reading these books from time to time according to my mood.

Whenever I finish reading books I just leave my book in the place I was reading it. Because of this reason many books were spread all around my room. One day my mother told me to clean up the room and keep the books in its place.

I collected all of my books and started arranging them one by one, suddenly I found one of my favorite book. The condition of the book when I found was the worst it ever could be all the pages were about to come out. I started trying to fix that book and at that time if felt that book is trying to tell me something.

I tried to listen to what the book is telling, At that time I realized that book is upset on me because I was responsible for its worst condition. Then that book started telling me about itself. I took birth in a factory where I was made as a clean book with empty white pages. Later my empty white pages were printed with the stories of great Indian histories, I was very proud of it.

From that book factory, I was sent to a library, when I was sent to the library I thought that people will come running for me to read the history of India printed within me, but it didn't happen. People were not interested in the exciting history printed within me, so I was just seating on a bookshelf, and dust was getting accumulating on me. I was just waiting for the right person who really cares about me.

Then when I started to feel that no one was interested in me, and no one will ever read me at that time you entered the library in my search. I was very happy that finally, my life became meaningful. You bought me home at started to enjoy the history printed within me. You were very much interested in me and was continuously reading me, I was very happy about it.

After some days you took me back to the library, I thought now again I will be dumped into the dust like before but it didn't happen so, you purchased me and took me permanently to your home. I was very happy as I got an owner who really cares about me.

For few days you were reading me regularly then one day the water on the table got spilled over me and you didn't even realize that I was wet and you left me on the table in a such condition. When your mother was cleaning the house she picked me and kept me on the Cupboard and from that day till now I was sitting there in sadness.

I was very sad, being there all of my pages started coming out, and I thought soon I will be no more but you again saved me. Books are termed as Gurus and you respect your gurus so much then why don't you respect us? We also have feelings like you...

After this book became silent and I was feeling very ashamed of myself. Then I decided to take care of every book I owned and respect them by reading the knowledge provided in the books.

The End.

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