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Image of a small house and mountain used for english essay on my village

My Village.

I leave in the city as my school is the city, now very soon school vacation will start. And I am eagerly waiting for it so that I can visit my village for vacation.

The name of my village is Rampur and it is situated in the foot region of the mountains. In our village, we have a small house where my Grandparents live in. Whenever there are school holidays I return to my village from the city as I love my village life very much.

If I have to describe my village then, in my village every family has a small house with plenty of space and almost all houses look very similar to each other as they all have the traditional village house looks. Another fun fact is in the city where I leave there are huge mountains in the form of buildings, but in the village here are real mountains with greenery which gives fresh air to us. Near the village there is a small river where I and my village friends go for swimming, all of my village friends are expert swimmers even though they have not taken any training.

In the village, every home has domestic animals like cows, buffalos, horses, dogs, and cats. In the village fresh milk is available at any time and there is no scarcity of it. Other dairy products are so tasty as all of them are prepared naturally at the home itself.

Whenever there is any festival or an occasion every people in the village come together and celebrate it without any discrimination. In an emergency or at a time of need, every people in the village always help each other as a family.

With my village friends, I play cricket, go for swimming and have lots of fun with them. And our small village is like a family which always help each other, so I like to be in my village and I love my village life very much.

The End.

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