Peacock is my favorite bird and today I have come up with a beautiful essay on Peacock. In this essay on Peacock, I have given information about the Peacock and have told why it is my favorite bird. So let's start with the essay.

Image of a Peacock which my favourite bird used for essay

My Favorite bird Peacock.

I like beautiful looking things very much and Peacock is the most beautiful bird when one sees Peacock one could not take his eyes away from the beauty of the Peacock. This is one of the reason because of which I like the Peacock the most.

Watching Peacock I feel very happy, and the first thing which comes to my mind is the most famous poet which we had learned in the Marathi language "Nach re Mora." Watching Peacock's beautiful green-blue colorful feathers, and the beautiful crest on his head everyone gets attracted toward him. And because of this Peacock always walks in pride on his beauty.

Peacock is the national animal of our country India. From ancient times Peacock has made its distinct identity of itself because of its beauty. The Hindu Goddess Saraswati Devi is always shown with the Peacock, and hence many people praise Peacock. Artists and poets always admire the beauty of Peacock, which is reflected in their work.

There is no doubt that Peacock is known for its beauty but he is also a good friend of the farmer as he protects the farm from rats, frogs, snakes, and incests which can destroy the crops as they are his prey. If there is a Peacock in a garden, then its beauty grows with his presence.

The main center of attraction because of which Peacock is the favorite bird of so many people is his dance which he does when its rains. Whenever there is rain he spreads his beautiful odourful feathers and starts dancing to view this dance many people early wait for the right movement to view it.

I have collected many of the beautiful images of Peacock as I like Peacock very much. And because of its beauty, Peacock is my favorite bird.

The End.

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