Father is an important character in every child's life. We call him by different names, but our dad is a true hero of our life. Today I have come up with an essay on My Father in which I have told about my father, so let's get started with the essay.

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My Father.

When we have to say something about father there is not much we speak about him, but in the mother's case, the scenario is very different. Everyone has a lot of things to speak about her. Why is this so, does our father does nothing for us? a thought comes to our mind. So let's think about our father..!.

My father's name is Vasant. Everyone calls their father by different names like Father, Papa, and dad. I call my father dad. If I have to introduce my father, then he is just like all of our fathers very strict, and like you I also fear him a lot.

But wait whenever we think about anybody's father we always think of a very strict and disciplined person but is it so?. Like our mother, our father is also a soft-hearted person who loves us very much but we don't realize it. Because from childhood itself we get fear of dad as if we do something our mother always tells us that she will tell it to father and he will scold us, and so we fear so much to our father.

Everyone likes and loves their mother very much as we share every problem with our mother first, and if we need something we ask it from our mother without any fear of her. But when it comes to father then things change we even fear to speak to him, and asking for a thing from him becomes impossible.

This is because from childhood itself we start getting fear of dad, as our mother scolds us each time with the name of the father. Mother always tells if you will not do your homework she will tell it to father and he will scold you, and this thing unknowingly creates fear of dad among us. But is our father really that fierce-full?.

Definitely not, our father loves us a lot, but he doesn't show it directly to us. During any occasion of a festival like Diwali father takes us for shopping and gives whichever clothes we want he never says no, even if he doesn't have enough budget he will not take new clothes for himself but he will give what we want, it is because he loves and care of us then himself. Father always adjusts himself and always comforts us no matter what is the situation.

Father always thinks of our future, it is true that he sometimes scolds us but it is just because he wants us to be good in our lives and be successful people. If someday we are not feeling good our father will not sleep at night and keeping thinking about us as he cares for us very much.

Father works hard for his entire life just for us because he wants to make us successful person so he fulfills our every need. He doesn't care for himself but take care of us and gives us everything we need, this is how really our father is. I love my father very much, my hero is my dad.

The End.

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