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Essay On Mobile Phone.

At a glance, a mobile phone is a palm-size device carried to do some tasks. But these small device carries unimaginable power, this mobile can do every task one can imagine on the tip of a finger. Technology is changing very rapidly with advanced developments the mobile phone which was just used to make calls has been, turned nearly into a full-fledged computers now. Technology has changed the normal cellular phone into a feature pack smartphone, which is super efficient and capable of doing extraordinary tasks.

Now mobile phones have become part of our life, as it has become a necessity in our digital world. Each and every person owns a mobile phone. But this super technological revolution of mobile phones has many advantages and disadvantages. Looking forward towards use of mobile phone one can surely decide whether mobile phones are a boon or a curse to our society.

There was a time when communication with people living far away from us was a challenge, yes one had the facility to write a letter but to deliver that letter to the person would at least require time of some days. Who had imagined this would be replaced by a small hand-held mobile phone with which you can communicate with the person sitting in another corner of the world in just a fraction of seconds, and cherry on the top one can use video call feature which gives you feel of talking face to face. In the past camera were so big and costly and not much comfortable to carry but now phones have superior quality cameras which can capture one's best movements of life and can store them with you forever.

If one is getting bored you have music to listen to, games to play on the phone itself. If you are feeling alone you have social media, where you can interact with many people from all over the globe, phone connected to the internet brings the world to the tip of the finger you have access to anything in the world within a click. Now mobile phones are not just the cellular phones they used to be they have become smartphones with their smart features.

There are limitless possibilities by which one can make use of their phones, student can get educated by reading anything they required. During pandemics or certain situations, business and education can be continued from home using video conferencing. There are tons of positive sides of this device but there are some disadvantages of the mobile phone too.

Mobile phone technology is progressing very rapidly and they aren't that much expensive, now almost everyone owns it. These smartphones are like a sharp knife, which can be used for a good and a bad purpose it depends on who and how one uses them. Easy communication has started avoiding physical meet and greets. The cameras on phones are so advanced they can invade privacy. Spending too much time playing games and social media can affect students education. Maximum time spent on screen can lead to health issues.

The phone connected to the internet is like an open invitation to the scammers, innocent people can get easily cheated by them. There are many negative aspects of the mobile phone, and these disadvantages can really become a serious issue.

Now it's up to you how you want to use your mobile phone, every coin has two sides the same way mobile has its advantages and disadvantages. It is your choice to use this device to benefit yourself in a positive and ethical way.

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