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Like every child, I do like playing the game and I play many types of games with my friends but among those games, cricket is my favorite sports game. I just like playing cricket very much.

I always get bored with studies and doing some work, but I am always ready for playing cricket I never get bored by playing cricket.

Cricket is a sports game which is played on the ground outdoor, for this game once requires physical strength as well as a clever mind. Cricket is the national game of the country England, but in our country, India people are just crazy for this game. Cricket is a beautiful game played between two teams each of eleven members. Cricket is a game where team strategy matters, and so it is played with a plan and coordination of all eleven members.

In my village there is a big open area which we use as a cricket ground, every year all our friends prepare a cricket pitch by ourselves.

We play cricket on this ground whenever we get time, and in the evening when everyone is at the home we gather our team and practice here every day. I am the captain of my team. During the holidays our team plays a cricket match with the neighboring village team it is quite fun and everyone enjoys it very much. Our team has won many of these matches and our team has earned many prizes for this.

In cricket, I like to bat and I am a good batsman, I have got the best batsmen prize for the many times in tournaments with are organized at district level every year. I have learned my batting skills from my uncle, he was a great batsman of his time.

Whenever there is a cricket match of our team India we all watch the telecast of that match with lots of interest. And when team India wins the match there is a lot of happiness among us and we celebrate that win as if we have won the match by ourselves.

I like this cricket game very much, and I just love playing cricket. I want to become a cricketer like Virat Kohli and I am working hard for it.

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