Holi is one of the most famous festivals of India, and Holi is celebrated with lots of excitement all over India as everyone loves this festival a lot. And today we have come up with an essay on Holi as it is my favorite festival.

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Holi - the festival of colors.

India is a large country and people of every religion leave in peace in our country India. As a result, lots of festivals are celebrated all around the year in the country. One of the festivals among that festivals is Holi, Holi is one of the major festivals of the Hindu religion.

Holi is also called "Holi Purnima" or the festival of colors and this festival is celebrated all over the country with a lot of excitement. Small children like me like this festival a lot as we enjoy playing Holi, and we have lots of fun.

We are so much excited that we start playing Holi even before its arrival, it is very much fun to make our friends wet and put color on them. We enjoy the movement, we play the Holi but when we return home my mother gets very angry as my clothes get dirty. On the eve of Holi "Puran Poli" is prepared in every house which is loved by me very much like others.

In every village and city, Holi is celebrated every year, so the place of Holi is pre-decided. In the place where Holi is burnt a small dug is made in which a branch of a tree is placed and then that branch is surrounded by dry wooden branches, in such a way Holi is prepared.

When the arrangement of Holi is done, according to the time traditional rituals are performed and then Holi is put on fire. When Holi is lit, everyone gathers in a circle around the Holi fire and they sing and dance and enjoys the movement a lot. It is said that in this fire of Holi every bad deed is burnt.

This festival of Holi is been celebrated since immemorial times, and there are many stories related to Holi about how it started. The festival of Holi is so old that its stories can be found written in Hindu Puranas.

Holi is mostly celebrated in the month of March, Holi is also called Holi Purnima, the second day of Holi is "Dhulivandan or Rangpanchmi" on this day everyone put color on one another and celebrated this day happily, and as colors are used to celebrate Holi, so it is also called as festivals of colors.

In with very much excitement and happiness Holi is celebrated all over India. I like this festival very much and Holi is my favorite festival.

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