Hello friends, flowers are the most beautiful part of nature. It is the flowers that make nature look so colorful and today we have come up with an essay on flowers in which we have given information about the flowers and have told about their importance. So let's get started with the essay.

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Essay on Flowers.

Flowers are the most beautiful thing present in nature. Flowers make nature colorful and attractive. Flowers and humans have a very long relationship which is ever since we exist. The flower is present in all of our occasions and they play a very important role, and definitely, flowers are the most beautiful gift God has gifted to our planet.

Everyone praises the beauty of a flower; it may be the only thing on our planet Earth that has zero haters. It can be termed as the most beautiful creation of God. Flowers are the twinkling stars of our planet. It is the beauty of flower which makes poets and writers attract to it, and we can clearly see it in their writings. Beauty is not only the quality of flowers it is just the reason for which people love them. Different flowers have different qualities but their beauty is common among them all.

In the ancient times when humans were in their evolving stage, humans use to live in caves their they used different colored flowers as a source of color to draw cave paintings which even exist today after thousands of years. Flowers also have many medicinal uses, and they are very well used in many home remedies to cure small problems. Some flowers have very unique characteristics such as a Sun-flower with follows the direction of the sun from east to west. When we say flowers many people imagine a small tiny beautiful thing but in nature, there are some flowers that can grow up to 3 feet.

There are several species of flowers and among them, Rose is called the King of flowers because of its variety of qualities and it is one of the most used flowers. Flowers are used on every occasion of our life, it is the flower which everyone offers to God during prayers. Flowers are pleasant and have a very good fragrance which helps in realizing our stress and makes us feel relax.

There are countless uses of flowers, and they don't need much place to grow neither need any special condition to grow. It can be grown anywhere. Planting a flowering plant has so many benefits and looking towards its benefits everyone should at least plant one flower plant which will ultimately deliver you the fresh air. We all know how important Honey Bees are to our planet, and it is no secret that they mainly survive on flowers.

Looking towards all of the benefits of flowers, we can definitely say that flowers are the stars of our planet. And it is the most beautiful gif God has gifted to mankind.

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