Hello, friends today I have come up with an essay on the vegetable market, in this essay I have shared my personal experience of my visit to a village vegetable market where I almost spent an hour in the vegetable market. So let us start with the essay on the market.

picture of vegetable market used for an essay on A visit to vegetalble market

A visit to a vegetable market.

It was Saturday evening and mother decided to go for a vegetable shopping tomorrow from our local vegetable market. Buying vegetables from the market is no new thing for my mother unlike all of the mothers. For buying vegetables from the market she was preparing a rough list of items to be purchased. I was sitting and enjoying the television show, suddenly mom asked me to come with her tomorrow, to the market so that I could get knowledge about how to buy vegetables and I agreed to go with her as tomorrow was Sunday, my school had a holiday and I had nothing to do.

Early morning mom finished the work and took me with her to the vegetable market. I had not even entered the market and it was so noisy outside and the area was very crowded. I could clearly hear vegetable vendors shouting to sell vegetables. To enter the market a gate was built and no vehicles were allowed inside, people can only go on foot for shopping.

As we entered into the market mom told me that the market was divided into two sections for convenience of the people one was the vegetarian and other was the non-vegetarian section. The major part of the market was covered by the vegetarians as it included fruits and all the vegetables. And this section was the most crowded one. Mom told people from all over the village to come here every day, to buy food.

Mom took the list and started the search for the vegetables on the list. There were no banners of what vegetable a shopkeeper was selling, one has to go and check by themselves if the required vegetable is available or not. I knew about the vegetables used daily in our home, but now it was time to learn about green leafy vegetables as each look similar but wasn't the same. Mom told me about each one on our list.

The scene at the market was very interesting, vendors were shouting and telling about the vegetables they had and at the same time they were also convincing people that they had the best and fresh vegetables. Every shopkeeper was working very hard, vegetables were very well arranged with proper utilization of space. Vegetables were brought near markets from trucks in heavy sacks. Then these heavy sacks of vegetables were carried by vendors on their back to the market as there were no vehicles allowed into the marketplace.

I and my mom were getting fresh vegetables as on our list, our bags filled as our list ended. Mom showed me how to choose fresh vegetables and taught me how to bargain for the best price. I almost spend an hour in the market and it was a great experience there, I saw the hard work people have to do for their living.

Finally, we returned back to our home, this visit to the market had made me very tired I needed rest, but mom returned and started her work. And finally, for lunch and dinner, we had fresh and healthy vegetables on our plates.

The End.

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